Denver's Capitol owns the world's largest amount of Beulah red marble. Nearly all of the alluring pink stone was mined from the Beulah Red Marble Quarry in 1893 and used in the Capitol building. The only other traces were used in the old McClelland Library and the Pueblo County Courthouse. That history is just part of the reasons all who visit and all who live here should take a tour. 
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Colorado Senate begins debates on $28.9B budget

DENVER (AP) — The Colorado Senate has begun debate on a $28.9 billion state budget proposal that calls for significant investments in roads, schools and the public pension fund.

The budget package passed the Democrat-led House of Representatives last week after lawmakers tacked on more than a dozen amendments, boosting funding for substance abuse treatment programs, affordable housing and school security among other public services.

But all of the House changes were removed in a Senate committee. That clears the way for the Republican-controlled Senate to put its own stamp on the spending plan for next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Lawmakers have filed 84 amendments for consideration Wednesday afternoon. Any differences between the House and Senate versions would be reconciled in conference committee before the budget bill can become law.